How do I Register?

In order to register, click the "Register" button on the top left of any page. Once you have been verified and SPP has set you up as a user, you will receive an email notification with your password. Please remember that your email and password are unique to you and should not be shared. Once logged in, you have the option of re-setting your password under “My Profile". Effective passwords should be a combination of letters, numbers and symbols of at least 7 characters long with a maximum of 20 characters. Please note that the account will only be successfully created when using your Canadian Natural email address.

Will I have to register every time I visit the store?

No, registration is a one-time process. You will only require your email address and password to log in for future visits.

Why do I have to use a Login?

Canadian Natural retains your specific shipping, contact details and order history. A user login is necessary to ensure security of your information.

I lost or forgot my password. How do I access Canadian Natural?

If you have lost/forgotten your password please use the "forgot password" function at the top of the page. A new temporary password will be emailed to you.

If you are unable to access your email account, but need to log into the site, please contact your Canadian Natural support team here. SPP will do its utmost to respond to these issues within the business day.

SPP will never disclose or supply email/password/account information except through their designated Canadian Natural Administrator/Contact.

I logged in earlier and now I have to log in again. What happened?

Canadian Natural will automatically log you off and require you to log back in if it detects that you have been idle for a period of time. This is a simple security measure to ensure that your login does not remain open on your PC allowing access to your information without your consent.

How can I make sure I am logged out?

You will be returned to the login page once you logout.

How do I place an order on Canadian Natural?

Placing an order is easy! Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Visit www.cnrlstore.com.
2. Register / Login.
3. Browse the selection of products available, click to select the item you are interested in, type in the quantity you want of that item, then click “Add to Cart".
4. When you are ready to checkout, simply hit “Checkout" to complete order.

If you have any questions about the order process, please contact a SPP Customer Service Representative from Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM MST at 403-640-8575 or via email at laverne.chorney@staples.com.

I have a question about an order I placed through www.cnrlstore.com – who can I call?

SPP has dedicated Customer Service Representatives ready to help with any questions you might have regarding your Canadian Natural order. You can reach them at: 403-640-8575 or via email at laverne.chorney@staples.com. The Customer Service Centre is open Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM MST.

How do I change my Primary Shipping Address?

On your next transaction you can select any of the addresses from the drop down menu. Once approved by your manager, it is your manager who can create an alternate shipping address.

Is the Checkout system secure?

Your store and data is protected through several different methods. The servers are firewalled, and secured. Information is encrypted and transferred to us from a secure FTP.

What information does the secure Login system retain?

Every Login/Password combination is unique and includes your email address, password, shipping and contact information.


If your product is received damaged please contact laverne.chorney@staples.com within 24 hours of receipt. Please keep original packaging for claim purposes.

If your product is received with a manufacturer defect please follow warranty instructions in package and if you can not locate them contact Laverne.chorney@staples.com. for further instruction.

Please Note That Items And Pricing Are Subject To Change Without Notice